Suzuki Splash 2013: Versions and prices [PHOTOS]

Suzuki Splash 2013

Suzuki Splash 2013

Suzuki Splash 2013: Versions and prices. utility vehicles for urban life, have become a cry for all kinds of drivers as they represent a gain for what it does to your fuel consumption, while maintaining a low levels of CO2 emissions. Today we find all kinds of products forming part of this segment , and one of the manufacturers that he is firmly committed to Suzuki. In our territory between urban models that the Japanese firm offers, find the Suzuki Splash 2013, a fresh and dynamic urbanite struggling imposed on the leaders of the time.

Develop an urban vehicle capable of incorporating certain elements of comfort in the passenger compartment is not easy and that is why in most cases, when a manufacturer offers an urbanite, is synonymous meet minimum equipment. However, since Suzuki is thought that the level of equipment should be maximum whatever the segment, and while the Swift is convincing in Europe between the compacts, the Suzuki Splash 2013 has become a conqueror among utilities.

The fresh and daring design by Suzuki Splash 2013, is a good bet for the manufacturer , hitting the vehicle style that European audiences are looking for within the urban segment . Many manufacturers who delight us with their best products, and Suzuki must risk in order to get a good presence in European markets and more specifically Spanish. For this reason, the Suzuki Splash 2013 maintains a good balance between features and price end of the set.

Suzuki Splash 2013 Versions

Suzuki Splash 2013 view

Suzuki Splash 2013 view

When configuring our Suzuki Splash 2013, found only two versions available and are differentiated by incorporating motors under the hood. Thus, choose the option you choose, we will find the same level of equipment in the passenger compartment, ensuring the greatest possible safety and comfort acceptable within the segment.

First find the version Suzuki Splash 2013 1.0 GLS , with a gasoline engine with an output of 65 hp , while in the other case, we have the version Suzuki Splash 2013 1.2 GLS and this time equipped engine 86 hp , also with gasoline as propellant assembly.

Among the elements that make the equipment Suzuki Splash 2013, we highlight some of them below:

  • Air conditioning
  • Audio system with 4 speakers
  • Information Display
  • Upholstery Fabric
  • Halogen headlights
  • ABS + EBD

A level of equipment we found equally in one version or another, and where security becomes so important in the cockpit of Suzuki urban.

Suzuki Splash 2013 Rates for Spain

Suzuki Splash 2013 interior

Suzuki Splash 2013 interior

Urban vehicles may be formed with good shape, also having a carrier well finished. However, when talking about their prices always tend to stay fairly short . The case of the Suzuki Splash 2013 is not separate and in Spain, the prices that form are:

  • Suzuki Splash 2013 1.0 GLS 65 HP: € 7,270
  • Suzuki Splash 2013 1.2 GLS Auto 86 HP: € 12,290

The latest version not only incorporates a more powerful engine considerably, but, its automatic, clearly distinguish causes so does the price, for the cheapest version.

The Suzuki Splash 2013 is able to take us anywhere, as long as we do our displacement by urbanas on the road, with some as small engines, we fall short. One of the top goals of Suzuki Splash 2013 is beating the competition more directly, as the Kia Picanto generation.

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