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2014 Dacia Logan MCV : Powertrains and Performance

By Micle Cristian / Posted
2014 Dacia Logan MCV

2014 Dacia Logan MCV

2014 Dacia Logan MCV : Powertrains and Performance. Dacia is one of the automakers that has many to face the economic crisis has hit both and will continue at least for this year, the automotive sector. Low-cost subsidiary of Renault, not only this year has updated its range of models on the European market , but has also developed some new products that have already been released and others, like the new 2014 Dacia Logan MCV will do so in question of weeks. At the Geneva Motor Show being held now, there has been representing the estate version of the manufacturer’s flagship model from Romania.

In the past two years, in Dacia has been a clear shift of actors, since the model Sandero in their updates and offers has overcome in market presence of our territory, to 2014 Dacia Logan MCV that was really the model that started the successful signature. However, the product can again become the benchmark and the star of Dacia with the advent of the 2014 Dacia Logan MCV version.

The increased demand for what it does to the family cars station wagons, has led many manufacturers opt for this segment when to date had not ever , and now is the turn of Dacia to launch a truly modern break and low-cost. Thus, the subsidiary of Renault bet both minivans like the breaks.

2014 Dacia Logan MCV Engines available

2014 Dacia Logan MCV rear

2014 Dacia Logan MCV rear

The developments that have shaped the Dacia models in recent years, not only based on an aesthetic improvement and increasing of the finishes, as also reflected in the range of engines available to find each of the models. From Geneva, Dacia has confirmed the line of engines for the new 2014 Dacia Logan MCV. In the diesel option will find an engine capable of developing 1.5 dCi 90 hp , while the petrol version will come with an engine 90 hp TCe equally .

One of the keys to Dacia to offer very low prices on their products is the use of engines few benefits, and it is precisely the strategy the firm follows the new family break par. few underpowered engines, but enough to enjoy a comfortable ride with the family.

2014 Dacia Logan MCV Performance and consumption

2014 Dacia Logan MCV interior

2014 Dacia Logan MCV interior

The efficiency of engines Dacia has increased dramatically and the 2014 Dacia Logan MCV released more modern engines of today’s generation. The 90 horses in both the diesel and the petrol version are enough to not fall short on the road, and for efficient driving in urban areas. CO2 emissions will be between 99 g / km and 116 g / km , while fuel consumption does not exceed the 17.4 l/100kmon average.

Within the segment of the family station wagon style find all kinds of products, and one of the major reference, as we have remarked on more than one occasion, the BMW 3 Series Touring . But if you really can not afford such high investment for a family vehicle, few find products cheaper than the new Dacia Logan MCV , which will be released after the Geneva International Motor Show.

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