VW Fox 2014 review: photos, prices and specifications


VW Fox Highline 2014

VW Fox 2014 review. The launch of the 2014 line of Volkswagen of Brazil makes it clear that the German automaker is feeling the competition from Hyundai HB20. Thus reformulated line Fox 2014 which happens to be positioned to offer an alternative to the South Korean car.

The car arrives in dealerships in April with new innovations such as electronic architecture (already used in Gol and Voyage G6), and technology enables new features to the car, like the Comfort Blinker – due to fast changes of track, which allows the driver to indicate the direction only to be followed with a light touch on the lever arrow.

VW Fox Highline 2014 interior VW Fox Highline 2014 speedometer

Moreover, we have news that once were present only in cars in a higher category, such as ESS (Emergency Braking Signal), which activates the brake lights intermittently to signal to other drivers in the event of emergency braking.

The 2014 Fox also has twilight sensor and PDC (Park Distance Control to) – optional item that displays on the screen of the central radio diagram responsible for alerting the nearest obstacles. Another novelty is the I-Second Generation System – optional item on Fox, and the series CrossFox.

VW Fox Highline 2014 speedometer VW Fox Highline 2014 front

The Fox in version 1.0 input now has brakes with anti-lock ABS and dual front airbags, and its price is $ 33,770 – without air conditioning. The top model is the 6.1 Highline Fox 2014, with a price of R $ 45,990 with mechanical exchange, or R $ 48,780 with automatic gearbox i-Motion.

Pricing – Line Fox 2014

Fox 1.0 R $ 33,770
Fox 1.6 R $ 37,470
Fox 1.6 I-Motion R $ 40,260
Fox 1.6 Rock In Rio R $ 44,690
Fox 1.6 Highline R $ 45,990
Fox 1.6 Highline I-Motion R $ 48,780
CrossFox 1.6 R $ 50,600
CrossFox I-Motion 1.6 R $ 53,390

Video of the official presentation of the 2014 Fox

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