Volkswagen CrossFox 2014 review: photos, prices and specifications


Volkswagen CrossFox 2014

The 2014 CrossFox hits the market as a variety of resources and equipment active and passive safety since version entry. The car has a new electronic architecture, more modern, allowing the installation of equipment and unpublished resources, plus additional safety items.

Thus, the line CrossFox, which brings the series brakes (ABS Antilock Braking System or antilock brake system) and airbags front, shall also count on the system ESS (Emergency Stop Signal and Emergency Braking Signal) as standard equipment series.

Volkswagen CrossFox 2014 side Volkswagen CrossFox 2014 rear

Already available in models like Passat and Tiguan , ESS functions as a warning to prevent rear-end collisions. Whenever the driver actuates the brake pedal sharply, maintaining a more consistent braking, the system drives the rear brake lights intermittently, signaling to other drivers that CrossFox is taking a steep downturn.

More than abrupt braking signal, the received CrossFox 2014 developments in the brake system, which made it even more efficient. Thanks to the adoption of the ABS brakes last generation and use of a servo-brakes with larger diameter – are now 10 inches – the driver of the 2014 CrossFox has a better “feel” the brake pedal so that you can feel with more precisely the moment in which modulates the brake pedal to better control the braking space of the vehicle.

Volkswagen CrossFox 2014 interior view Volkswagen CrossFox 2014 console central

Another innovation that is now standard on the 2014 CrossFox is the Comfort Blinker , another important feature of comfort and safety. This device, also present in models like Jetta and Passat, which enables the driver with a light touch on the lever arrow indicate the direction you want to go with the vehicle, not necessarily trigger the arrow lever completely. With this light touch, the system triggers the light arrow three times and indicates the intention of exchanging range.

The I-System, standard on CrossFox item also evolved. This system focuses on the dashboard instrument cluster, information from the radio – as tuning (AM / FM) and the name of the song playing – the phone status (whether or not connected with Bluetooth) and data trip computer (which informs distance, travel time, speed, digital, instant and average fuel consumption of fuel and autonomy).

Furthermore, the system I- 2014 CrossFox allows, through a menu, setting various functions of the vehicle. Among the available settings are system information ECO Comfort. This device – more an evolution from the new electronic architecture and is present on all models of the 2014 Fox equipped with the I-System – emits a series of messages on the (instrument cluster) directing the driver to drive more economically .

With the vehicle stopped, the ECO Comfort can also send visual alerts with the messages: “Do not throw the accelerator pedal when starting the engine” and “Do not fire the accelerator pedal when the vehicle is stopped.”

With the automated exchange I-Motion, the ECO Comfort also sends signals to the driver’s head more efficiently. If the driver is over a long period with the shift lever in the “S” (Sport), enabling the gears are changed at higher RPMs, a message recommending “Put the selector lever in position” D “(Drive) “. If the driver would prefer, all functions can be disabled ECO Comfort.

Technology and equipment

The CrossFox 2014 has the following standard features: power steering, tachometer, driver’s seat with height adjustment, switchblade key, headlights with black mask, steel wheels with 15 inch hubcaps, bumpers painted in the color of bodywork, rear window defroster, headlights on the buzzer, among others.

Volkswagen CrossFox 2014 speedometer Volkswagen CrossFox 2014 interior

How is the new system cleansers front windshield. The blades utilize technology aerowischer , which has quieter operation, with improved aerodynamics, performance and durability compared to conventional blades.

Moreover, the wipers glasses CrossFox never stop in the middle of the windshield, even when the vehicle is driven off with the system. Thanks to the new electronic architecture, wipers always complete the movement and return to starting position. The same goes for the pick Wiper rear window. This, by the way, turns on automatically every time the front wiper is activated and the reverse is engaged.

Another novelty is the global radio RCD 320. The system, the same used in the Jetta Comfortline, focuses its technology resources on the front of the radio – including auxiliary inputs, USB and SD-Card. Following the lighting in red the rest of the panel (the buttons are illuminated in red and the rest has white light), the radio also has great interaction with the I-System, transmitting the information displayed on the radio screen display in the center panel instruments.

The Bluetooth system offers a “hands free” (hands-free), which allows the driver to make or receive phone calls using only the keys on the multifunction steering wheel, which adds both convenience item as security because the driver does not need to take your hands off the wheel .

Also in relation to Bluetooth, the new sound systems to interface with the most modern equipment available in the market is very advanced. You can, for example, not only the pair of contacts phone calendar, but also synchronize with your car stereo audio files stored on the phone. Thus, the keys of the steering wheel, the driver can select the playlist of songs saved on your phone. All without the need to use cables.

All radios also come with auxiliary input, USB and SD-Card on the front panel, in an easily accessible place. This entry, able to read files saved in various formats, also allows charging the phone – since the phone count with a standard USB cable format. Another convenience offered in the center console of the Fox is the input of 12 volts. All these operations must interface with the I-System, is center screen in the dashboard or in the radio display.

Connected to the radio is another exclusive CrossFox: the PDC (Parking Distance Control), or controller away when parking. When equipped with the proximity sensor of rear obstacles (optional), and Fox 2014 CrossFox central display screen of the silhouette digital radio in the shape of the vehicle body (viewed from above), with a bar that goes back to the approaching As the distance to the obstacle decreases.

The system, which operates through four sensors in the rear bumper, also has the aid audible (beep), which increases the intermittency as the car approaches the object.

Engines and transmissions

The CrossFox is offered with the 1.6l engine EA111 VHT Total Flex. When is fueled with ethanol (E100), the power of the 1.6 engine is 104 hp (76 kW) at 5,250 rpm and the torque is 15.6 Nm (153 Nm) at 2,500 rpm. When is fueled with gasoline (E22), the power is 101 hp (74 kW) at 5,250 rpm and the torque is 15.4 Nm (151 Nm) at 2,500 rpm.

In this configuration, the immobility CrossFox 1.6l accelerates to 100 km / h in 10.5 seconds and has a top speed of 184 km / h, when fueled with ethanol. Using gasoline, the model reaches 1.6 to 183 km / h needs to 10.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h.

The engine 1.6l can still be applied to the automated transmission ASG (Automated Sequential Gearbox initial). The CrossFox I-Motion seeks to offer the comfort of an automatic transmission and the mechanical efficiency of a manual gearbox. Moreover, the price of the exchange I-Motion éatraente compared to conventional automatic transmission (with torque converter).

The base transmission is the ASG gearbox five-speed manual, which manual control is replaced by a set of electrohydraulic actuators, controlled by an electronic control unit of the transmission (TCU – Transmission Control Unit). With the same number of torque and power of the model equipped with the manual transmission, the CrossFox 1.6l I-Motion accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 11 seconds (ethanol) and 11.3 seconds (gasoline). The maximum speed is 184 km / h (ethanol) and 183 km / h (gasoline).


The Volkswagen Fox has sliding rear seat, high driving position and various storage compartments distributed throughout the cabin (including a space on the side of the door can accommodate a bottle of 1.5 liter and a drawer under the driver’s seat) are some The highlight of the interior of CrossFox.

The panel has a new color, gray (“Storm Gray”). The center console has been completely reworked and now has a new standard of workmanship, finest materials with a larger amount of lines and chrome finishes differentiated between versions.

The instrument panel cluster () evolved and also brings new silkscreen for readability and white and red lights, visually clean and sharper. The cabin lighting system has the progressive shutdown (fade out). That is, instead of deleting the interior lights at once, the lighting system controls the intensity of the lamps, reducing gradually and soft lights until they hang up.

Another highlight of CrossFox 2014 is the new drive concept of headlamps and flashlights. Inherited from imported models such as the Passat line, for example, the new mechanism integrated toggle switch panel to the left of the steering column, the driver gives Fox the line better ergonomics and a more modern look to the panel. Prices

  • VW 1.6 CrossFox 2014 – R $ 50,600
  • VW 1.6 CrossFox 2014 – R $ 53,690

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