New VW Saveiro Cross 2014 leaked on the internet


New VW Saveiro Cross 2014

Slated for release in the next few days, the new Saveiro Cross already circulating the internet.Photos of the renewed compact pickup from Volkswagen, whose main highlight new front assembly, leaked on the net, revealing the full visual version Cross.

The photos, which were apparently taken from a presentation to dealers of the brand, showing new Saveiro with headlights and grille more rectilinear, almost identical to the new Gol and Voyage. Details that differentiate the pickup brothers hatch and sedan are the chrome bead at the bottom of the grid, and specifically in version Cross logo with the name of the version on the right.

It is also possible to note that the images Saveiro Cross 2014 wins major auxiliary headlights mimicking contoured aluminum, the same material used in mirrors and lower parts of the bumper and side skirt. Another novelty is the design and finish of diamond wheels in this release.

Probably, like the models Gol, Voyage and Fox in their respective lines in 2014, we can also expect the adoption of the new unified central electronics which enable the provision of more comfort items for pickup. The engine will continue the familiar 1.6 VHT, the 101/104 hp.

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