Hyundai HB20 Comfort 1.6 vs. New Ford Fiesta S / SE 1.5


Hyundai HB20 Comfort 1.6 vs. New Ford Fiesta S - SE 1.5

Since its launch, the Hyundai HB20 became the darling of the market and already popular figure among the ten best selling models in the country. Ford, eyeing the competition, took the New Fiesta began to be produced in Brazil and segmented versions of the model, which now earned an entry version offered in the same price range of Hyundai. HB20 between 1.6 and New Fiesta 1.5, which would be your choice?

Hyundai HB20 Comfort 1.6

Hyundai HB20 Comfort 1.6 2013

The version of Hyundai HB20 which competes with the New Fiesta is the Comfort with 1.6 engine and manual transmission. The engine is the Gamma 1.6 16v 128 hp and 16.5 lb-ft of torque (ethanol), with variable valve timing (CVVT).

The HB20 Comfort 1.6 part of R $ 38,930 real, and its list of standard equipment includes ABS brakes with EBD, dual airbags, air-conditioning, steering with hydraulic assist, audio system with steering wheel controls, windows, locks and mirrors electric . For 44,095 you can buy the version Comfort Style, which adds fog lights and alloy wheels.

New Ford Fiesta S / SE 1.5

New Ford Fiesta S - SE 1.5 2014

The entry version of the New Fiesta, which uses the 1.5 Sigma engine with dual overhead cams, 111 horsepower and 14.5 lb-ft of torque (with ethanol), has finished simpler than the model imported from Mexico, but costs $ 6,380 less than the old version Input: R $ 38,990 reais (just £ 60 more than the 1.6 HB20).

The list of equipment includes manual air conditioning, electric trio, with electric assist steering, dual airbags, ABS brakes, steel wheels with hubcaps and sound system MyConnection. The SE version costs U.S. $ 42,490 and adds alloy wheels and fog lights.

And then?

We are talking about two models with prices and equipment lists virtually identical. However, the HB20 was born to be a popular differentiated – not come cheap, but the consumer is willing to pay a little more for their workmanship neat, cool look, good performance and stuffed inside. The New Fiesta, on the other hand, was already a top segment (the so-called “premium”), was simplified to cost less and try to sell more and now competes on equal terms with the popular well equipped.

In the end, both are good choices for those who want a car pretty popular and well equipado.Queremos know: which one would you take home?

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