Mitsubishi L200 Triton Savana ADX: photos and specs


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The Mitsubishi L200 Triton Savana ADX – sort of conceptual model to be shown at events in which it participates, with differences such as greater height – the bucket is about 1.5 meters above the ground.

The L200 Triton ADX account Scorpion ATR tires with rim 20 “, which demanded a suspension of 2.5”, which raised the vehicle. Flares boxes wheels complete the look of the car and leave the tire to face outside of the structure.

The special front winch Come-up Seal DS 9.5, the Auto4 with wireless remote and synthetic rope kevlar. Apart from getting an even more off-road, is useful in several situations off road and can even tow other vehicles.

An electric hoist KT-3000 was placed in the hopper, assisting in the placement of various materials. To increase capacity, was installed an extender, which secured 40 cm more in the back, leaving Savana ADX ready to carry larger volumes.

For the convenience in traffic and at the hour of parking, sensors were installed front and rear, plus a backup camera last generation. At the front there are auxiliary lights 8 “for greater safety on the roads and sections with little or no lighting. Reinforcing visual a set of four lamps 6” was placed in the ceiling.

The L200 Triton Savana ADX is shown Adventure Sports Fair, 1-5 May at the Pavilion Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo.

Technical Specifications – L200 Triton Savana ADX
Tires – 325-65R20 Scorpion ATR
Wheels – 20X9, 5
Suspension – Off-Road Lift with 2.5 ”
Winch Front – DS 9.5
Kevlar cable 8mm x 30m
Winch Bucket – KT3000 with wireless controller
Kevlar cord 5mm x 15m
Spotlight PCI – 8 “220 VEGA
Spotlight Ceiling Baffle – 6 “W-650
Re Headlights – 2×4 “ATV
Body Lift 4.7 ”
Stirrup Rock-Slider side and rear
Sensors front, rear and camera – Dalgas Precision Equipments

Triton L200 Savana

The L200 Triton Savana, sold at dealerships, is equipped with a diesel engine of 3.2 liters, 16 valves, DOHC with electronic direct injection common rail, turbocharger and intercooler, resulting in efficient, low levels of noise and vibration, and lower emissions pollutants. Output is 170 hp at 3,500 rpm and torque is 35 2,000 rpm.

The pick-up carries up to five passengers and comes equipped with modern multimedia kit with GPS Touch Power, 1,250 cities mapped, radio, cd, DVD, Bluetooth, automatic air conditioning, windows, mirrors and power locks. Banks receive a neoprene cover and rubber mat makes the interior even more elaborate, versatile and functional.

The drive system is the Easy Select 4WD, which allows a choice of three distinct modes of operation: 4×2 – only rear wheel drive recommended for urban use / highways and translates into fuel economy and lower noise level, 4×4 – traction on four wheels, ideal for low grip tracks such as earth, sand, gravel, mud, etc.., and 4×4 with low – indicated for use in situations where full power is needed, such as the transposition of obstacles, a task facilitated by the differential rear limited slip LSD Hybrid, which automatically transfers traction to the wheel that needs strength.

The front suspension is independent with double wishbone geometry, shock absorbers, coil springs and stabilizer bar.

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