Voyage Highline 2014: photos, prices, consumption and specifications


Voyage Highline 2014

The VW Brazil is already offering its dealerships in the line of the 2014 compact sedan Voyage – car that starts to call their version as the top line ” Highline “, replacing the previous nomenclature” Comfortline “.

The Voyage Silver Egypt shown in the pictures is an i-Motion Highline, which has a suggested price of R $ 49,980 reais, containing air-conditioning, alarm, keyless , switchblade key, front and rear electric windows, electric external rearview mirror function with tilt-down and proximity sensor for rear obstacles.

In terms of security have ABS, dual front airbags and electric system that provides signaling rear emergency braking. ‘s engine is the 2014 Voyage Highline 1.6l EA111 VHT, when fueled with ethanol (E100), develops 104 hp (76 kW) at 5,250 rpm and torque of 15.6 Nm (153 Nm) at 2,500 rpm. When fueled with gasoline (E22) power is 101 hp (74 kW) at 5,250 rpm and torque of 15.4 Nm (151 Nm) at 2,500 rpm, which presents the following data consumption, according to INMETRO.

Ethanol Consumption

Urban cycle (city): 7.3 km / l
Cycle road (highway): 9.5 Km / l

Gasoline Consumption

Urban cycle (town): 10.7 km / l
Cycle road (highway): 13.6 km / l

Manual version

Besides the version i-Motion, The Voyage Highline can also be purchased in the configuration with five-speed manual gearbox, the price of R $ 47,190 real – bringing the same items of automated model series.

With the manual transmission, fuel consumption remains unchanged.


The interior of the Voyage Highline 2014 remains unchanged from that observed in the Comfortline 2013, except that this model rely on air conditioning as standard.

All other items, such as lining, steering wheel and center console are the same as the 2013 model.


It is important to consider that the suggested prices are not being practiced in the VW dealer network. In reality the market Voyage is sold with average discounts of R $ 3,000, which means a Highline metallic with manual transmission can be had for a price of around R $ 45,000 dollars.

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