Spy Photos Restyling of the Volkswagen Polo (2014)


It is the restyling of the VW Polo, it seems that will light cosmetic changes in the front and updated technological equipment.

2014 Volkswagen Polo spy photos 1

The restyling of the Volkswagen Polo is today more than a rumor, but according to have been released on the web specializing worldcarfans , a new variant of German utility has been hunted.

The truth is that this new Volkswagen Polo no significant developments. In fact, it would be difficult to realize that this is a new Polo if you do not say that the bumper has been slightly modified and that the air intake is even bigger now.

What seems quite likely that, following the line of the new VW Group models, go to renew their connectivity and multimedia systems. Something normal considering that has been in business for four years.

Obviously, the mechanical options are not at all confirmed. But if we consider the generalization of BlueMotion versions and regular and ‘downsizing’ to optimize consumption and reduce emissions, it is conceivable that the restyling of the Volkswagen Polo also introduce new developments in this regard. It seems that the 1.2 TSI engine 85 hp would be a candidate.

source: wcf

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