Dacia Sandero and Logan 2013 more for the same


Dacia claims to have listened to the requests of its nearly two million customers since 2004 to set up the offer of the new generation of Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway. Except the last, all are already available on the network of the brand.

Dacia Sandero and Logan 2013 more for the same picture front

Dacia Sandero and Logan 2013 more for the same picture front

Dacia not want the Low Cost term is associated with your brand directly, but is well aware that its success is based precisely on that in the minds of its users such association is more than clear.That’s why they created the 2013 Dacia Logan and Dacia Sandero 2013 taking into account the delicate balance that exists between a satisfied customer and one that is not. In 2004, Logan was the first model, but over time has been displaced by the Sandero sales and above all, the Duster.

This first successful brand SUV Romanian Renault model is stylistically drinking their brothers new range, with a carbon copy to the Duster front, lower though. From that point, until the B-pillar and with the exception of wheels and tires, the new Dacia Logan and Sandero share 100% of the components and 80% in the total vehicle. Both are now sold in the network of the brand for the same price as their predecessors, who added some of the most popular equipment such as a media-only version laureate-side airbags, seat belts with load limiters effort, Isofix for rear seats, cruise control, power steering hydraulic and some storage compartments which increase the total volume to 16.6 liters.

In addition, the new Dacia Logan is 59 mm longer, 10 mm wider and 6 mm higher, while the new Dacia Sandero is 38 mm long, 7 mm wider and 16 mm lower than its predecessor. Meanwhile, the new Dacia Sandero Stepway is 23 mm longer, is just as wide and 41 mm higher than the first, although in some markets will sell a version to another 69 mm Snorkel.

Dacia Sandero and Logan 2013 more for the same picture back

Dacia Sandero and Logan 2013 more for the same picture back

A well done, from the steering wheel and standing is impossible to notice any difference between the three models. The multimedia system is available only browser included with the finish Laureate, is very simple, but also practical and includes almost all the most popular features in this type of equipment. It is also the only thing that cheers a dashboard where only soft plastics have been used to coat the thin steering wheel, which includes several controls to manage the speed control, radio or the speakerphone.

The Romanian company has managed to improve slightly the address, which now varies according to the speed assistance to control the car a little better when driving at high speeds. With the Dacia Sandero Stepway is so difficult to go on a road with curves, because the long runs of his suspension make the body to swing a little more than necessary. Now then, as now all finished in three models include ABS and ESP, safety is one of the aspects that has improved more this second generation of Dacia M0 platform. The base engine for all three models is a 1.2 petrol 75 hp, which delivers 105 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Although Dacia Sandero 2013 can mount the new TCe petrol engine 90 hp, for now, this engine will not be in the Logan, also only available with the finish Ambiance.

Dacia is simplifying its hatchback offering, being by far the least sold version though with the new box, the new Logan offers a second-row seat with a little more legroom and boot space of 510 liters. Below you can check all price Dacia Logan and Sandero, which are already available in the dealer network of the brand, are yet to confirm the Stepway, which will arrive in December, while LPG versions will make early , 2013.

The rear bench is relatively easy thanks to a slight tilt back and on all models and versions can be folded in 40:60. The front seats, as the whole car in general, are slashing approved six. Without collect the body overly well, are comfortable, but they may eventually end up becoming too soft.Once you get used to the annoying situation of the footrest on the clutch pedal, the driving position is comfortable even though most of the controls are in the center of the dashboard, including the windows incomprehensibly.

We thank mirrors now be controlled by an electric motor, there is an indication of the right gear in the dashboard now or speed control is standard on all versions. But it also could have included a trunk release system to not always necessary to open it with the key pulling.

Dacia Sandero and Logan 2013 more for the same picture interior

Dacia Sandero and Logan 2013 more for the same picture interior

The operation and with the petrol engine 75 hp, both the Sandero and Sandero Stepway, asLogan, behave much more than decent. The extreme restraint in the weight of these models, which barely exceeds the unoccupied ton, allows them to reach 100 km / h in less than 15 seconds and have a decent recovery, but also have to get used to how to capsize when subjected to strong wind gusts …

Prices Dacia Sandero 2013 (not including PIVE Plan)

Base Sandero 1.2 75 CV 7200 euros

Sandero Ambiance 1.2 75 CV 8500 euros

Sandero LPG Ambiance 1.2 75 CV 9500 euros

Sandero Ambiance 1.5 dCi 75 HP 9700 euros

Laureate Sandero 1.2 75 CV 9300 euros

Laureate Sandero 1.2 75 hp 10,300 euros GLP

Laureate Sandero TEC 90 hp 10,100 euros

Laureate Sandero dCi 75 hp 10,500 euros

Laureate Sandero dCi 90 hp 11,100 euros


Prices Dacia Logan 2013 (not including PIVE Plan)

Logan Ambiance 1.2 75 CV 8950 euros

Logan LPG Ambiance 1.2 75 CV 9950 euros

Ambiance Logan dCi 75 hp 10,350 euros

Ambiance Logan dCi 90 hp 10,950 euros

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