Fiat Strada 2014: details of the update [PHOTOS]


Fiat Strada 2014 wallpaper view

Fiat Strada 2014: details of the update. Fiat is one of the manufacturers that despite their efforts in recent years, has seen its presence in countries like Spain is down, looking ahead by major European firms. Even so is working hard to get convince even a small fragment of the European population. One of the more curious models are in the range of the Italian company is the Strada, a pick-up compact that comes completely out of the other models that are in the segment. before end of the year 2013, the Strada again updated and this time is to provide a more practical choice for daily use of the vehicle.

When Fiat began to bet on the Strada, seemed a crazy idea from Italian manufacturer but can be considered as a good tool if we allocate the Strada as a commercial vehicle and our movements are primarily for urban areas. Although still fails to convince in our territory, slowly looking to gain a foothold in the markets of Europe.

Now we will meet with an updated model with a slight cosmetic change but with some changes that make it a more workable product especially designed for occupants to travel over the driver himself.Anyway, it has nothing to do with products like the Volkswagen Amarok , one of the most modern pickups that we are now available.

A more attractive

The new Fiat Strada is a aesthetic evolution and thus shows the changing trend in the Italian firm itself. ‘s pick-up, which continues to incorporate the most characteristic features of the previous versions , now shows an exterior more attractive from the start.

Throughout the entire exterior body found sophisticated finishes to draw more attention but for now still stands and simplicity to ensure a competitive price. In the front bumper there are small changes of design as well as in the rear of the vehicle.

Not a vehicle intended for the four by four, so that it becomes an attractive and dynamic or inter-urban travel , provided by asphalt, adapting to the demands of the current demand.

New powertrains

The renovation of the small commercial vehicle will also require mechanical update and thus, the Strada comes with new range of engines. On the one hand there will be a 1.4 engine capable of developing a power of 86 hp , and 1.7 with a power of 117 hp . On the other hand, we can go for the most complex equipment called Adventure and he will have the engine 1.8i with 132 hp , maximum performance together with good efficiency.

With more powerful options, the pick-up becomes a toy and within the segment represents one of the cheapest options. True but, that although the present with qualities Fiat for cross country, is a limited vehicle for asphalt .

Within the segment’s high quality vehicles and services for off-road use . The Toyota Hilux represents one of the clearest examples but not Fiat surrenders and now continues to promote art Strada, away from the rest of commercial options Italian firm offers.

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