Audi show car at the Detroit Motor Show 2014: Crossover outlook on the coming TT

Audi Show Car concept for the North American International Auto Show 2014 view

Audi presented at the Detroit Motor Show in 2014, a show car , which will show, among other design elements of the upcoming Audi TT. As with Nanuk , the Audi showed at the IAA , the new study is a crossover model with a lot of ground clearance and two doors.

As a Shooting Brake with Allroad attitude the show car is 4.20 meters long and comes with the typical , slightly more developed single-frame grille and a distinctive tornado line therefore . The overhangs are short, the roof line is also low , the window band narrow, the C-pillar all the more powerful . The crisp rear completes the Dymanik the crossover study. 19 inch wheels rotate in the strong wheel arches , which are connected by pronounced sills .

Audi showcar with narrow LED headlights
The front is wearing thin LED headlamps, which direct the view to the barbecue . This comes in three dimensions with its crossbars and therefore contributes to the lower end of the Quattro lettering . The skirt is complemented by forwardly extending cooling air apertures and an underrun protection. At the rear is the security element made ​​of aluminum are used. About the Audi drive is silent yet , is considered safe , an e- Tron unit is on board. Then at least indicate the appropriate lettering .

Instrument panel tilts to the driver
Inside the study , the driver must engage in a flat-bottomed sports steering wheel and look to a futuristic cockpit. The Armturenträger runs to the passenger side is not linear but curves toward the center to the driver. The center console with shift stick and the MMI switch tapers to the rear.

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