Comparative Fiat 500L vs Mini Countryman: Small ‘crecederos’


The new Fiat 500L and Mini Contrymanson able to demonstrate that the unique design and chic does not conflict at all with the functionality and the needs of a modern family.

Fiat 500L Mini Countryman

Fiat 500L Mini Countryman

I have to confess that until I saw these two cars parked in the garage of the writing was not sure if this comparison not faced two cars that had nothing in common, but served a singleglance outside to realize that two separate vehicles speak the same language.

In both cases these derivatives with family vocation resulting from subjecting a bodybuilding and anabolic treatment to two of the most attractive and flirtatious utility of the moment: 500 and Mini.

Each with its own philosophy as the Mini boasts a more SUV side, which allows us to incorporate AWD-even if the unit used for the photos, which was later replaced with the correct for-dynamic test, while the Fiat takes over your spirit home, a task that fulfills an outstanding to say the sensations during the test check.

Back in the cockpit perceive what ‘left’ who walks Coordinate the Fiat front and rear. The height, width and legroom is insulting in every street. It also has ingenious solutions, which also has the Mini as a sliding rear bench with a few extra inches to win for passengers and increased the capacity of the trunk, and quite generous of origin.

In fact, a slightly elevated driving position and a glazed surface unsurpassed call into question whether this vehicle is not derived from an industrial platform, in this case the Fiorino, a minor detail as fulfills its mission perfectly.

Fiat 500L Mini Countryman view

Fiat 500L Mini Countryman view

In both cases the family vocation of derivatives resulting from subjecting a bodybuilding and anabolic treatment to two of the most attractive and flirtatious utility of the moment: 500 and Mini.

The Mini, for its part, enfolds us with an interior slightly more care on quality-not much-and with anextremely design ‘adorned’ that requires us to pay a fee in exchange valuable because theergonomics is highly penalized by the location and shape of some controls like the browser windows or central position, with a huge marker reading speed very complicated, and we had better also tell us the speed at which we have little clock behind the wheel because the digits are as small as a wristwatch.

Solutions interior
rear habitability As we can slide longitudinally rear bank, but is configured for serial only two passengers, having to pay for one third smaller central square, which greatly reduces the functionality.

Fiat 500L Mini Countryman rear

Fiat 500L Mini Countryman rear

If we analyze the engines, and making clear the obvious limitation of power of both when circulated upload, say that the Mini is more energetic and functional power delivery, especially in the lower area of the counter, where the block the 500 is shown slightly short of horses pulled, reaching to sink if we do not touch the throttle. First class dynamically Fiat is as comfortable as an MPV.Their reactions are predetermined by a fairly long travel amortigudores and a moron too Successful ensures comfort without falling into excessive body rebounds or pitching. Another thing is not to look for the slightest connotation sport in their responses, it is not designed for this … I hope in the future through the hands of Abarth to our delight.

On the contrary to what happens in the Countryman in which the occupants pass the background in favor of sportsmanship, thus we will have fun as driving dwarf, with some extremely agile racing reactions that can take its toll on long trips or jams.

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