Alfa Romeo SUV Kamal 2015

By on Feb 1, 2013 | 1:34 AM
Alfa Romeo SUV Kamal 2015

Alfa Romeo SUV Kamal 2015

Alfa Romeo SUV: could be a reality in 2015. More than a decade in Alfa Romeo are mulling over the proposed development of a SUV, a project that has been delaying the launch date of the car, which is now said that will be a reality in 2015. An SUV with all the style of the Italian brand and made ​​in Italy , which take advantage of its proximity Alfa Romeo brands such as Jeep and Dodge, all belonging to the Fiat Group, for its production. An SUV on which still have to be somewhat skeptical as deferrals on possible presentation have been constant throughout the years.

With the launch of this SUV with the signing of Alfa Romeo, Fiat Group would provide a further step in its expansion plans for this brand, which wants to triple its sales with a significant increase in the number of models to market . An increase in which you can not miss a representative in the most active segment of the market, which could lead us to think that this time, that this time the project will not suffer further delays.


Alfa Romeo SUV Kamal 2015

Alfa Romeo SUV Kamal 2015 rear

Again with this since 2003

It was at that 2003 when Alfa Romeo unveiled for the first time Kamal, a concept car that came forward in the next forms SUV brand. name that still remains valid and we got more detail last fall , when we saw the commonalities he had with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. A model that was used in the traction developed by Jeep , make much more experience in this type of car, and which is now thought to leverage the same platform for production of the Dodge Dart.

Although now responsible for Alfa Romeo talk as a target date of 2015, it is certain that his intention was to start marketing the new SUV much earlier . In fact, last October 2012, and we saw some spy shots of the Alfa Romeo circulating Cxover Sierra Nevada , but has had to encounter problems or changing plans finally fixed the filing date for 2015 because until recently there was talk of 2014.


Alfa Romeo SUV Kamal 2015

Alfa Romeo SUV Kamal 2015 front

Defining potential rivals

There have been several reports regarding the models that would compete with the Alfa Romeo SUV. On several occasions he had mentioned the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3 as his potential rivals, although it appears to finally be working on a model in the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5 . This question is important, because then we can get a clearer idea of its dimensions, mechanical performance and even target price.

Whichever segment which includes the Alfa Romeo SUV finally, we can not see it in showrooms until 2015 at the earliest, so if we again have no further delays, postponements and a common development in its history . We’ll see what happens, but the fact is that it is still interesting to include a proposal for Italian design in a segment dominated by Eastern and German models.

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