Mini One 2013: Versions and prices

Mini One 2013

Mini One 2013

Mini One 2013: Versions and prices. The automotive industry has seen in recent years has increased the demand for small cars, compact and urban, as synonymous with savings and respect for the environment. For a long time, Mini models have always been present and it seems that despite the change of use that the manufacturer has been starring. With increasing competition in the segment of urbanites , have had to renew each One of these models and remains one of the strongest of the moment. now analyze the range Mini One could find available at dealerships in the country.

The manufacturer of British origin have always wanted to capture the essence of Anglo-Saxon culture and therefore have always managed to succeed in that territory. Over the years, Mini has managed to convince Europe to consolidate within the referents indisputable even in our country.

The latest generations of the firm are more ambitious than ever, including great products such as the Mini Clubman. The case of the Mini One, still maintains that characterized topics in generations past , but with a significant upgrade in other respects.

Mini One 2013 side

Mini One 2013 side


When configuring our Mini One, found some good options to choose and to combat the appearance of Adam Opel models such as , should incorporate a good range of versions. In 2013, the Mini One range consists of the following versions:

  • One: It involves the basic model in the range, available with two petrol engines with low power and very dynamic finishes. The equipment is completely full.
  • One Bakerstreet: Special Edition which we discovered last week at Motorzoom. It is available with a gasoline engine with an output of 98 hp.
  • One D: An exclusive look again have a significant role in the case of this release. It is available with a 90 hp diesel engine.

The Urban Mini One is the model that has a less powerful engine lineup and yet it is enough to choose the drivers ahead of other alternatives by rival manufacturers.

Mini One 2013 rear

Mini One 2013 rear

Rates for Spain

Mini offers all endless models, including limited or special versions. The versions that we offer on the MINI One are a good range. Prices in Spain are those that reflect model below:

  • One 75 HP: € 15,950
  • One 98 HP: € 17,350
  • One Bakerstreet 98 HP: € 21,448
  • One D 90 HP: € 18,200
  • One D Bakerstreet 90 HP: € 22,143

Currently, we find many products in the segment of urbanites and the new Audi A1 has become one of the major reference . However, the essence that incorporates the Mini One is unique in the segment and thus find a unique sensation behind the wheel at the time that we bet on the model ahead of other options.

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