New Hyundai i30 2014: photos, specs and price

New Hyundai i30 2014

New Hyundai i30 2014

The dealers of Hyundai CAOA of Brazil – store chain that sells all cars imported from South Korean automaker – is now offering the new generation Hyundai i30 – average hatch that led its segment since its launch by mid-2011.

The Hyundai i30 2014 adopts the same engine as the 1.6 16V Flex HB20 with 128 hp (143 hp less than the 2.0 engine used in the previous generation i30) when fueled with alcohol, coupled to a gearbox six-speed sequential automatic, and presents the completely reworked aesthetically – converging with the concept “fluid sculpture” – which is characterized by creases and overt forms.Still in mechanical issue, the rear suspension of the car starts to use the scheme based on semi-independent torsion beam (less sophisticated than the independent scheme adopted in the previous model).

New Hyundai i30 2014 rear

New Hyundai i30 2014 rear

The interior is also with more modern look and started to adopt finishing materials of better quality, and has new technologies, such as electric-assisted steering and Flex option Ster (altering the responses of direction for a more comfortable ride or sport) that allows adjustments in level of care.

The 2014 Hyundai i30 will be sold in two versions: Full, priced from £ 75,000, and very complete, starting from £ 85,000.
The full version includes system infotainment with integrated GPS and 7-inch LCD screen and radio CD MP3 and DVD player, fog lights, parking sensors, airbags and ABS brakes, air-conditioning, airbags (front, side and type curtain), steering column adjustable in height and depth, autopilot, trip computer, parking sensors, reversing camera, ABS brakes with EBD, anti-theft alarm, rain sensor and multifunction steering wheel.
New Hyundai i30 2014 interior

New Hyundai i30 2014 interior

Have a very complete version adds xenon headlights, electronic parking brake, digital air conditioning, panoramic sunroof with electric drive, with entry and starting system and keyless start / stop button, and electronic stability control (EBD) and traction (TCS ), lining leather, driver’s seat with electric adjustment, parking brake with electric drive, front grille with chrome elements, twilight sensor.

The 2014 Hyundai i30 arrives to address a segment disputed by  VW Golf
Peugeot 308
Chevrolet Cruze Sport
Ford Focus .

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