Audi A1: a facelift in 2014 accompanied by the S1

audi a1 2014

audi a1 2014

The Audi A1 will have a facelift in 2014 . Next year, the small Ingolstadt will undergo an update to continue staying young, despite not having aged a bit since coming to market. Nor does much of it. A facelift that seems to take alone. That seems to come with an interesting proposal: the Audi S1 .

According to recent rumors suggest, next year, next to the utility facelift Audi, we would find the first rung Sports range of Audi A1 . The Audi S1 come in anticipation of the Audi RS1 , both at the foot of the Audi A1Quattro , remember that boasts 256 horsepower and a limited production of 333 units .

audi a1 2014 rear

audi a1 2014 rear

Minor changes are expected in this update of the Audi A1 . An update that comes with the added attraction perform alongside the new Audi S1 version had already been confirmed from an internal source to AudiFourtitude , online community Ingolstadt brand.

Previous rumors had put us on the trail of the ability to find under the hood of a block S1 Audi 2.0 TFSI of about 200 horses , which deliver power to all four wheels through a quattro , garnishing set with a set sportier about suspensions, brakes and steering and a new set for outdoor aesthetic. Spoiler, diffuser, new bumpers details …

But what about the Audi RS1 ? His arrival seems to be far less clear than the Audi S1 . The reason for this internal source pointed to Fourtitude, would be its limited market, considering also present as the Audi A1Quattro , so for now his future looks in doubt.

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