2013 Opel Mokka 1.7 CDTI 130 hp: contacting the off-road SUV

2013 Opel Mokka

2013 Opel Mokka

2013 Opel Mokka - The SUV is still fashionable and SUV smaller further. Congenial taste for high car, the driving position, and a size that no city transit become a nightmare.

One of the latest to reach this segment is the 2013 Opel Mokka , the smaller cousin of the great Opel Antara, with which the German brand covers a very greedy sales segment in which he had no alternative. We could make a touchdown 2013 Opel Mokka where the road could also bring it to difficult terrain , trees and dirt roads, with 130 hp diesel engine.

2013 Opel Mokka, the small, young brother of Antara

2013 Opel Mokka rear

2013 Opel Mokka rear

The 2013 Opel Mokka is Vauxhall car that both expected to be placed in a completely segment rising , that of the SUV smaller after the success of an innovative as the Nissan Juke and the arrival of other offensive and the Peugeot 2008. It is a short drive – more than 30 cm length to Corsa – but higher than pretending to be something more than a small Antara, cooler.

It also aims to be a car camper but that is precisely what is intended. Granted, it’s a car but its high ground clearance leaves much to be desired and a minimum gap may contact the car to the ground. Aesthetically yes that manages that aspect camper with front guard, pure SUV style, or with skirtboard surrounding dark.

The trunk is large (356 liters, almost as much as the Astra) and mouth is high

Access the cabin requires remembering that it is a SUV , which is higher than usual. Once inside its interior is well finished, at least in the higher versions . Plastics skin feel soft and surround the occupants experience. No doubt this is the most positive, Opel has also strived to look like a SUV look younger also a car with good interior finish.

2013 Opel Mokka interior view

2013 Opel Mokka interior view

The seats are soft and quite comfortable including the rear, at least those who are covered by skin.In this part of car comfort height and legroom space contrasts with the width is not excessive.

The 2013 Opel Mokka squares are comfortable and spacious, but beware that it is very wide and three people will not go back very comfortable

The practicality of 2013 Opel Mokka count as positive points numerous holes (in the doors, under the console, as coasters in the tunnel and in the rear armrest with sliding or space located behind the handbrake). The tailgate gives way to a generous space thanks to its height.

2013 Opel Mokka Engine 1.7 CDTI 130 hp: energy but noisy

The 1.7 CDTI , which will be replaced this year by a new 1.6, we analyze the Opel Corsa GSi test

This block 1.7-liter is a classic among classics of Opel, is mounted for many years in various brand models. Particularly in the 2013 Opel Mokka is a competent engine but not exaggerated, not to spare push energetically but neither falters. When asked that the engine power does not last to be noticed, not so much in sound but vibration.

Opel has missed the opportunity to insulate the engine noise is heard too

The shift feel when exchanging gears can be improved, it seems that if we are dealing with a classic off-road in that area but I think that is the sought laying decant the 2013 Opel Mokka. Why not just off-road capability.

Off-road skills?? Not with the 2013 Opel Mokka, the better for the highway

2013 Opel Mokka view

2013 Opel Mokka view

2013 Opel Mokka talk that has a number of off-road abilities and wanted to take this opportunity to test it on dirt roads and mud slopes and rocks along the way. The first impression was already wary: the address could not transmit properly driving the rugged terrain, the suspension did not fit well and traction did not prevent loss of grip on wet, smooth surfaces like rocks.

With front-wheel drive the 2013 Opel Mokka not prepared for almost anything off-roador a consistent land. Do you be with traction 4 × 4?

It is important to note that the tires are wearing this 2013 Opel Mokka some M + S winter, which should give a better grip on the circumstances as we’ve tested. In Spain not carry these tires, but because this unit was registered in Germany should carry winter tires by law.

2013 Opel Mokka and alternatives: Chevrolet Trax, Skoda Yeti … and the Nissan Juke and the Peugeot 2008?

2013 Opel Mokka has landed her in the market and, a priori, is a good product but has aspects that improve . If you like the car, the driving position and can be finished to inside the 2013 Opel Mokka is a valid option. Alternatives to 2013 Opel Mokka is the Chevrolet Trax , which is nothing more American than his brother because they share many of its mechanical components, or the Skoda Yeti .

The 2013 Opel Mokka is priced at 18,105 euros in Spain

Slightly below the 2013 Opel Mokka will find the Nissan Juke , a complete segment creator, and the Peugeot 2008 that follows the trail of proposing the concept Juke SUV utility to French.


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