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only in 2014 New Ford Mondeo come

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2013 should appear actually the successor to the Ford Mondeo – it probably is nothing like a Ford spokesman confirmed. Reason for the delay are problems with the works.

only in 2014 New Ford Mondeo come

2014 New Ford Mondeo picture front

The carmakerFordmust the Martkstart the new Mondeo probably move at least one year from the fall of 2013 to late 2014.A Ford spokesman confirmed on request by FOCUS Online corresponding media reports.The reason for the delay is apparently in theclosure of Ford’s plant in Genk, Belgium, where the Mondeo should have come off the line.2014, Genk close its doors.Conversion to new tools for the production of the Mondeo would pay off any more.early November Belgian plant workers had rioted before the Cologne Ford plant.You have the feeling that Ford play the works and their workforces against each other.
only in 2014 New Ford Mondeo come

2014 New Ford Mondeo picture

Americans for Europe

The Mondeo is the future plans of the company to be built in Valencia, Spain, together with the models S-Max and Galaxy.In turn, the production of the models C-Max and Grand C-Max from Valencia could to German Saarlouis plant be relocated.The new Mondeo is in the United States under the name of fusion bandand is significantly larger than the current Mondeo.Ford plans for the first time even the installation of its new three-cylinder turbo engine in a midsize car.With a length of up to 4.87 meters, the Mondeo is one of the largest middle-class models, this is not only external.So the wheelbase of 2.85 meters enables front and rear more space for passengers than many competitors.As before, there is the Mondeo for Europe in three body styles five-door, saloon and estate.
only in 2014 New Ford Mondeo come

2014 New Ford Mondeo picture interior

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