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Suzuki Jimny 2013 Facelift review

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The terrain dwarf goes to the next round


Suzuki Jimny 2013 Facelift review

Suzuki Jimny 2013 Facelift picture front

For the model year facelift for one of the longest serving SUV comes in the German market. Now there are the first pictures of the new Suzuki Jimny.

Since 1998, in the auto industry an eternity, the Suzuki Jimny is now already in the German market. And continues to be very successful. The reason is simple: there is – except for the still betagteren Russian-made Lada Niva – no alternative. Those who still want to use an SUV as intended, but wants to move pay no five-meter slide and lands, necessarily in Germany at Suzuki dealer.

Suzuki Jimny 2013 Facelift review

Suzuki Jimny 2013 Facelift picture back

Suzuki Jimny 2013 remains conceptually unchanged
Thus, the Jimny is not only popular among off-road novices who venture into him their first steps on unpaved roads. Especially Nutzanwender from miners on the hunters to forest rangers love the Jimny for its compact and robust design without electronic frippery. Just pure SUV, the Bonsai format.

The continued success of the now 14-year-old Suzuki concept is right, not to replace the little moment with a more modern design. Its users want the rigid axles and the lead frame, the extremely compact dimensions and low weight accept in return like that one with the Jimny can not race.

For model year there will be, however, for the first time since 2005 a major facelift. This concerns only the front end. At the rear and in the interior, however, everything remains the same: sturdy, easy to clean plastic, fool-proof and easy to use. Now the first pictures of the facelift model have been leaked, we can show you here.

Suzuki Jimny 2013 Facelift review

Suzuki Jimny 2013 Facelift picture side

Which he will bear the scoop?
The bumper of the Suzuki Jimny for the 2013 model year has been completely redesigned. Instead of additional air vents fog lights are now integrated, which dropped lower part of the skirt accentuated. Much more noticeable is the new bonnet design including a new grille. The falls were lower, the hood will now further down. The beefy looks.

Confusion, however, another detail: the new Suzuki Jimny gets an air scoop on the hood. Such is usually installed only in SUVs with lying on the engine intercooler. This raises the question of whether to hold back a number of years, a diesel engine moving into the engine compartment of the Jimny. Suzuki had taken the diesel version with the known from the Dacia Duster 1.5-liter Renault diesel in Germany from the program.

Suzuki Jimny 2013 Facelift review

Suzuki Jimny 2013 Facelift picture interior

ESP comes in Suzuki Jimny?
Also still an open question is whether Suzuki will offer the facelift Jimny with ESP. So far, the little climbers completely devoid of electronic aids. According to an EU transitional regime must also existing model types by 2014 mandatory feature an ESP.

Suzuki Germany still silent on facelift model, will give details on the technology in July, goes on sale and the prices known. Currently, the Suzuki Jimny starts at 15,190 euros, a significant price increase is unlikely.

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